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Post by Yme75 on Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:35 am

Aberdeen GMT is an international, English speaking, CoC clan. Whilst many members are based in Aberdeen and the rest of the UK, we have active members from the United States, Australia, Sweden and South East Asia. Many of the elders and all the co-leaders have been with the clan for months, if not over a year. Promotions are based on activity and loyalty, not level nor troop upgrades.

We encourage people to ask for donations as well as to donate. We ask clan mates to keep within a ratio of 1:5 ie donate at least 1 troop for every 5 you receive. Please respect troop request e.g. don't give giants or barbs when archers or balloons are requested. However, please do not ask for troops you cannot give back in return. We also ask clan mates not to make specific troop level request (e.g. Lvl5+ troops only) outside wars.

We initiate war searches twice a week at 9pm Scottish time (2100 GMT / BST). New members are not allowed to miss the 1st war after they join the clan. New members in the 'red' (i.e. sitting out) will be ejected prior to the war search. Older members: please opt out of a war if you are unable to participate. Membership will also be reviewed if more than 2 wars are missed. Please let us know if you are unable to participate in more than 2 wars.

One major rule during war is both attacks must be used. Members will be expelled if they do not use both their attacks during a war. Elders and Co's will be demoted for 3 wars or 2 weeks if they do not use both attacks.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, either here at the Aberdeen GMT forum or using the games chat function. We are generally a friendly clan and we will try to help if we clan.

The other categories & threads on the forum have been made private for clan members only. Please log in to see the them. If you have not done so, please sign up using your game's username for identification. We will approve your request as soon as we can. Thanks.

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